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marketing automation services dubai

Savvy marketers of today are making the

most of marketing automation

As a business grows, it becomes difficult to maintain a 1:1 relationship with clients/ customers. You might overlook follow-ups, action items, reminders, etc. and this could lead to relationship management issues and lower performance.

This is where marketing automation makes the difference – by allowing you to do more, in an effective manner, with lesser resources. A win-win all the way!

Marketing automation involves using software to help segment and nurture prospects and customers, automate campaign management and performance tracking, define a workflow for routine tasks/ actions, and bring efficiency into marketing efforts.

It’s not the same as email-marketing. It’s not about spamming your prospect/ customer with automated emails/ messages. Done correctly, marketing automation is personalized and user-friendly. But that’s also where the challenge lies – to do it right.

Often marketers, particularly in large corporations subscribe to marketing automation platforms/ software but fail to make use of it beyond the basics, which renders the solution somewhat ineffective.

Marketing Automation Software vs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

There are similarities, differences and overlaps between marketing automation & CRM solutions. Ideally, you should have just one solution that does both, and that is increasingly the case. But we still have many solutions available which focus more on either marketing automation or CRM. Ideally though, both are essential.

In simple terms, marketing automation focuses on marketing while CRM focuses on sales. Marketing automation is more involved with managing and automating digital marketing campaigns, while CRM programs are more focused on managing the sales pipeline and opportunity tracking.

Many leading marketing automation programs integrate with a wide range of CRM solutions, and it makes sense that the functions are integrated because they do overlap in many situations. For example, some form of lead nurturing and customer segmentation is involved in both platforms.

The decision of which solution to choose, or to choose an integrated solution will depend on many factors, including:

  • Nature of your business – B2B or B2C
  • Length of your sales cycle
  • Type of business – online, offline, integrated
  • Your marketing objectives and needs
  • Budget
marketing automation dubai uae
marketing automation experts in dubai - gr8 services
Marketing automation solutions offered by Gr8 Services

Gr8 Services is associated with some of the top marketing automation software providers globally.

Through our parent organization, WSI, we are authorized agents for Dubai, UAE & the GCC region for SharpSpring, a robust marketing automation program for small and medium business. We are also authorized agents for WebEngage – one of the hottest and most rapidly growing marketing automation solutions for medium and large businesses.

Through our global alliances, you get the benefit of lower prices for these programs. What’s more, we help you to get started and make the full use of their potential.

SharpSpring - Lead Generation Software

SharpSpring is a robust marketing automation platform that has its own integrated CRM solution. SharpSpring helps drive more relevant leads, convert leads to customers, and optimize your sales funnel. It also offers compatibility with many top CRM solutions, CMS platforms, accounting software, e-commerce platforms, digital marketing interfaces, and form builders such as Salesforce, Google Ads, Shopify, Unbounce, WebEx, and many more. It offers a powerful, easy-to-use visual workflow that really simplifies marketing automation.

SharpSpring has the following key features:

  • Email – Smart emailing features with personalized messaging and action tracking
  • Forms – Dynamic forms to convert more leads into customers
  • Automation – Engage with leads at critical points in their consumer journey, set up buyer personas, assign lead scores, and send targeted messages
  • Visitor ID – Unique visitor ID for each visitor to your site to help understand visitor behavior, actions, inactions – and use that information to continually optimize your site
  • CRM – Track opportunities from creation to close with a bird’s eye view of your pipeline via SharpSpring’s own CRM or by integrating with your other preferred CRM platform
  • Landing Pages – Design landing pages that convert using the template library or your custom design using the point-and-click editor
  • Blogs – Set up your blog within minutes and write, design, manage, and publish posts easily, get more engagement, enable guest blogging, and extend your blog reach with email syndication
  • Marketing Analytics – Make decisions with better, more insightful data analytics, understand ROI, and easily share information with your team via standard and custom reports
  • Integrations – Connect to hundreds of 3rd party software solutions with SharpSpring’s API and Zapier connections
  • Social Media Management – Transform social interactions into meaningful conversations to generate sales, set up automated workflows, assign social lead scores, monitor campaign ROI and optimize your social media efforts seamlessly
marketing automation services in dubai - gr8 services
What business type is SharpSpring best for?

SharpSpring is ideal for small and medium businesses, and even for large enterprises, that need to track and manage individual leads. It works best for B2B companies, and also for those B2C companies which offer more personalized services, such as specialty healthcare, niche travel agencies, providers of higher/ professional education programs, architectural services, etc.

How much does SharpSpring cost?

The beauty of SharpSpring is that it offers complete flexibility with a month-to-month contract – you can stop anytime, no long-term commitments. It also costs a fraction of the cost of many other competing marketing automation programs, such as HubSpot.

You can avail the benefits of SharpSpring’s powerful marketing automation features, achieve more with lesser staff and save overall costs – starting from as low as AED 2,300 per month + VAT.

    WebEngage - Marketing Automation Platform

    We are also authorized agents for WebEngage – a powerful all-in-one marketing automation platform that helps you create engaging, contextual and personalized campaigns across multiple channels – through push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more.

    Counting some of the largest global businesses such as eBay, Unilever and Walmart amongst its clients, WebEngage has universal appeal in today’s multi-channel and cluttered digital space.

    The most WOW! Feature of WebEngage is its Journey Designer that allows you to visually build user lifecycle campaigns using a highly intuitive drag & drop interface. You can map even the most complex user workflows, as easily as you draw on a board.

    The key features of WebEngage are:

    • Analytics – Get insights on your engagement channels, leverage the channels that work best, get real-time stats for your app, site and campaigns, compare channels and campaigns to enable budget optimization, design funnels to eliminate bottlenecks, analyze user behavior for better decisions, create cohorts for better targeting, prevent app uninstalls
    • Segmentation – Get precious and actionable insights about your customers, group users based on persona, attributes, location, device and behaviors, work with live user segments, get 360o user views, use detailed segment information to drive results and efficiencies
    • Engagement – Craft highly engaging user experiences with a consistently appealing narrative across multiple channels and touchpoints, build campaigns quickly with inbuilt templates, track conversions, conduct A/B testing, get user-level insights, integrate easily with third-party email service providers (ESPs) or SMS service providers (SSPs) without spamming
    • Personalization – Create 1:1 conversations with all your users, whether in 1000s or millions, drive brand loyalty and customer engagement with relevant, timely, personalized and contextual messages, adapt messages dynamically, integrate user actions with communication
    • Journey Designer – The single-most distinguishing feature of WebEngage, this powerful tool lets you create engaging user experiences across the user lifecycle by visually mapping different scenarios in which users experience your product, tracking their actions and tailoring real-time communication to each individual through various channels.
    What business type is WebEngage best for?

    WebEngage is ideal for medium and large businesses that primarily work in the B2C space and have 1000s of customers interacting daily, across multiple channels, including via the business website and app. It works particularly well for sectors such as banking, insurance, fintech, retail, travel portals, education technology (ed-tech), and similar.

    How much does WebEngage cost?

    WebEngage offers a flexible cost model based on the number of monthly active users of your business, starting from businesses with up to 10,000 and going up to 100,000+ monthly active users.

    Customization is possible, and final costs are determined based on the business size and the features chosen.

    marketing automation companies in dubai - gr8 services

      Besides marketing automation, we also offer the full suite of digital marketing services and solutions.

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      Ask Questions to Marketing Automation Software Provider in Dubai

      Where to start with marketing automation?

      To start with marketing automation, begin by identifying your business goals and then choose a reliable marketing automation software tailored to your needs. This ensures a streamlined and efficient approach to reaching your audience.


      What is automation software in marketing?

      Marketing automation software is a digital tool that automates and optimizes marketing tasks, such as email campaigns and lead nurturing, to enhance efficiency and improve engagement with potential customers.


      What is CRM marketing automation?

      CRM marketing automation refers to integrating customer relationship management (CRM) systems with marketing automation software, streamlining processes like lead tracking, segmentation, and personalized campaign management to boost customer engagement.


      Can marketing automation work for a small business?

      Absolutely, small businesses can benefit from marketing automation software by efficiently managing tasks like lead nurturing and email campaigns, allowing them to compete effectively and scale their marketing efforts.


      Do I need a marketing automation platform?

      If you’re aiming to streamline marketing tasks, nurture leads, and enhance engagement efficiently, investing in a marketing automation software can be a game-changer for your business strategy.

      Gr8 Services – Agency of WSI

      We, Gr8 Services, based in JLT, Dubai, are the agency of WSI for the UAE and the larger GCC region. Founded in 1995, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI is the world’s oldest and largest digital marketing agency with 1000+ offices across 80+ countries.

      WSI has the largest global footprint of any Google partner, and has global alliances with the who’s-who in the world of digital marketing. WSI has pioneered innovative methodologies for marketing success in today’s digital world and has thrived on the performance and results delivered. A spate of global awards are the recognition of those results – including the Top Agency Award by WMA (Web Marketing Association) for 2019 & 2020.

      WSI always customizes their digital strategies to the specific needs of their clients and spends time and effort understanding the client’s business. With WSI, you get the benefit of global experience that is adapted to the local markets. WSI’s promise is that we will never recommend a marketing service that does not contribute to your business growth.